Regular Events

WED 7.30am City Men's Bible Study @ Cafe Foyer of the TELSTRA Building, 400 George St 
  9.45am Junior Jivers
THURS 10am TBS (Thursday Bible Study)
FRI 10am English Conversation Classes and Creche
5.30pm BGs (years 2-6)
  7.00pm YOUTH (years 7-12)

21-Oct-2018 @ 9am, 5pm Church (Term 4) , LCM Churches

We live in a world flooded by sickness, depression, disease and death. The experience of life can feel like drowning in an ocean of endless troubles where our only option is to put up our hand in desperate help. Thankfully, Jesus wants us to know promises that bring hope and help to the helpless. Join us for a series in John chapters 13-17 at 9am and 5pm church.

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21-Oct-2018 @ 8am, 10am Church (Term 4), LCM Churches

How will you deal with the fact that life is brief? Are we just here for a good time? Is the answer to live your best life now? The book of Ecclesiastes explores one man’s search for satisfaction in one last desperate attempt for meaning. The pathway to find a meaningful life now will surprise you. Join us for this series in Ecclesiastes at 8am and 10am church.

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